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Latest Solutions Made with a blend of X2 & special polyester yarn with a specific gravity less than 1, X2 Ultima is the latest offering for Mooring ropes.

This offers approx. 15% weight / strength advantage over traditional ropes thus making the ropes better to handle and moor.

The advantages of better cyclic loading and controlled elongation continue


Latest SolutionsThe traditional Polyamide braid on braid ropes are posed with inherent issues like water absorption. This leads to conducting of electricity and high weight during actual usage. The newly developed X2 12 Strand Ropes ropes overcomes both of these problems. In addition, being a polyolefinic material it is highly inert unlike polyamide!

Application focussed 3 STRAND TWR:

Latest SolutionsThe ropes currently used by the fishermen for the winch on trawlers tend to elongate very high during the usage implying that the ‘markings’ on the ropes have to be redone by taking some time off from the remunerative time at the sea!

The new TWR (Trawl winch rope) has very low elongation during usage under load thus removing the constraints and also delivers very high strength increasing the safety at sea!


Emerald Netting:

Latest Solutions Understanding the requirement of end users to reduce diameter for FUEL SAVING during trawling coupled with ensuring almost Zero Knot slippage and keeping the stiffness of the net constant; GWRL has come out with a novel solution of Emerald netting.

The nets have given very good performance during trials in Norwegian market.

Codend Nettings:

Latest Solutions Codends form an important part of the trawl. However most often the twine and nets used for the main body netting is used for the same. After a detailed Voice of Customer analysis; GWRL has recently developed a cod end netting with

  • Low shrinkage
  • Low scope for mud ingress
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Controlled elongation

The product is currently being manufactured for field trials and soon GWRL will come up with this service for our esteemed customers and end users worldwide.

Trawl Doors:

Latest Solutions Being a market leader brings with it a sense of additional responsibility towards the fraternity. Keeping this in mind we embarked on a mission to develop better quality fishing gear going beyond the scope of our traditional products.

Understanding the application requirements of Indian fishing conditions and clubbing the knowledge of our overseas operations a unique trawl door design is developed.

The new trawl door would lead to better fuel efficiency and speed leading to a more sustainable fishing in the Indian waters!!


Insect Repellant Nets:

Latest Solutions Protection of crops from different insects like mosquitoes, white flies etc. is a crucial aspect especially for protected agriculture. Traditionally, a physical barrier is created to keep these insects away. However, even a small puncture or a gap while installing the nets is enough for the insects to creep in.

Keeping this constraint in mind we are working on an Insect Repellant Net which would make sure that the insects are kept way and not try to go through the gaps. The advanced extrusion and coating techniques at GWRL make it possible for us to extend the knowledge for various fields of application.

Staking cord:

Latest SolutionsHigh fruit bearing plants / bushes like tomato, capsicum etc. have to be staked properly so that they do not fall off to the ground by weight of the fruits.

Traditionally, the farmers are using a GI wire with its inherent problems of rusting, inflexibility, knotting problems, hand injuries etc.

We have recently developed a Polyolefin staking cord offering excellent flexibility, knotability and is very easy to handle. Easy handling reduces the manpower requirement and the non rusting property gives an extended life. Thus, it makes a great Value Proposition!

Defense Textiles Business

Defense textiles business has become a highly technology intensive segment in modern times. GWRL has developed a strong association as an Industry partner with Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment (ADRDE) an associate office of DRDO. The partnership has seen successful completion of several projects, transforming the design concepts into successful products and contributing towards indigenization needs of the country.

Tethered Aerostat Balloons

Latest SolutionsLatest Solutions

The Tethered Aerostat Radar System, or TARS, is a stationary airborne platform system intended primarily for military surveillance programs as it is capable of detecting low altitude aircrafts. The aerodynamic shape aerostat balloon made out of special coated fabrics is filled with helium gas to carry the payload to an operational height of about 2 miles in sky. Besides using many types of specialty cordage, Tether is the main anchoring cable that carries fiber optical cable and power cable. The presently fabricated aerostat system is as per the design, drawing and technical support provided by Aerial Delivery Research and Development Establishment (ADRDE), Agra.

Aerostat Balloons are also used for Communications, Broadcasting, Advertising and monitoring air traffic control capabilities. India has huge potential for such aerostats for its cost effectiveness in surveillance, communications, and quick transport access to remote areas.

Inflated Structures for Radars:

Latest Solutions This is first time such a structure is being indigenously built in India under partnership between Garware Wall-Ropes Ltd and Aerial Delivery Research & Development Establishment (DRDO).This inflatable structure is a weather proof enclosure to protect the electronic equipments from damage due to high winds, flying debris, temperature extremes, icing and sandstorms. The structure is supported by air blowers, Air conditioner systems and electrical control panels. A specially designed and fabricated ‘Air Lock Tunnel’ door is provided for entry and exit of men and material. Fabrics used are highly specification driven coated fabrics that are extremely strong, tough, dimensionally stable, weather resistant and are transparent to EMG signals. The pressurized air inside the inflatable structure stabilizes it against the high wind, snowfall and external wind velocities. The concept is fast spreading to inflated residential structures, sports pavilions, auditoriums etc showing promising market potential.

Flexible Helimats:

Latest Solutions During landing & take-off of helicopter the rotor downwash results in ‘browning effect’ throwing up sand and dust in the air putting the helicopter and pilot at risk. GWRL has developed the innovative ‘Flexible helimat’ (patent pending) made out of multilayered HDPE warp knitted fabrics to protect the helicopter and the pilot from brown-outs. It is much superior compared to other products of its class in terms of light weight, ease of transportation, assembling and deployment on the field. Helimat is available in camouflaging designs & colors to match terrain such as suit desert, semi desert as well as jungle areas.

Camouflage Nets

Military camouflage is intended to protect personnel and conceal equipment from observation by enemy forces. There are many types of camouflages such as visual and non-visual such as IR, near IR, thermal, acoustic & electromagnetic and sometimes many of these features integrated together known as Multi Spectral Camouflage Nets (MSCN). No single camouflage pattern is effective in all terrains. Contrast and color tones play a vital role. Strong contrasts are better suited for forest terrain while low contrasts are better suited to open terrain.

High Performance Cordage for Defence

High performance cordage made out of Nylon, Polyester, Aramid & Dyneema ranging from few mm to few inches are being developed and supplied to all the Army, Navy, Air force & other defense departments for applications in parachutes, transport, aerostat balloons etc.

Latest Solutions