2008 - 2013

Flexible Helimat – patent pending. Specialised application for Indian defence sector

Inflated structure for Radars Milestones

Aerostat balloon – Indigenization for Indian Defence sector and value addition for the coated fabric division

Sapphire Ultracore Predator Protection Nets – Patent pending. A unique mixture of polymer and metal wires with a stiffening resin. Milestones
  • Garfil STAR yarn developed – High strength special polyolefin yarn – patent pending
  • Garfil STAR for knotted and knotless netting – application focused products from the yarn developed
  • Turbo Leadline – specialised rope to improve the sinking properties of Purse Seines
  • Defence division established – a growing market in India with scope to introduce new application focused products
  • This period saw the organization starting 2 new business divisions:
    • Agritech
    • Coated fabrics
  • Plateena Aquaculture cages
  • Plateena Trawl Winch rope
  • Plateena Purse lines - Application focused ropes easing the purse seining operations and enabling better catch efficiency
  • Plateena Salmon Seine netting – Revolutionary concept in Alaska salmon fishing increasing the catch manifolds
  • Plateena Herring Seine netting – Another revolutionary concept for Alaska fishing
  • Various composite coatings – Improving the application oriented properties
  • Plateena ropes made with Dyneema® - Foray into high modulus fiber ropes
  • Garfil STR nettings – Highly improvised offering for Indian fishing market
  • Garfil RFT nettings – Application focused product for better mouth opening in pelagic nets
  • Rocky - Application focused product for rocky surface fishing

2003 - 2007
SNG nettings – A further step in compact nettings offering even higher strength and abrasion resistance Milestones
  • Aquaculture Cages Fabrication for Abalone
  • Production of Pelagic Nettings – Commissioning of one of the largest Hot Air D.S.
  • Sapphire Aquaculture Cages fabrication
  • Maxima Purse Line ropes – Specialized rope development for Purse Seine fishing in the USA
  • Raschel Knotless nettings production – Backward integration for aquaculture cages raw material
  • Aquaculture Cages fabrication for Tuna – Specialized cage making for high value Tuna fish
  • Camouflage nets – Indigenized offering in service of the Defence forces
  • Aquaculture Cages Fabrication – Adding another business segment in the net assembly shop
  • Garfil Nylon Purse Seine nettings for Domestic Market – A premium product offering with specialized resins for Indian Purse Seine fishermen
  • Purse Seine nettings as per Norwegian standards (Global market) – Developing process and coatings to achieve rigorous standards with 463 impregnation for purse seine nettings
  • Twisted Sapphire nettings – High end product for the small shrimp & fish trawls with enhanced strength and abrasion resistance
  • Garfil Maxigold ropes – High end ropes replacing traditional PP mooring ropes with high strength to weight ratio
  • Dedicated Net Assembly shop – Enhancement of the forward integrated facility fabricating new products like
    • Catfish Seine nets
    • Shrimp Trawl nets
  • Electric Fence Wire – Blend of metal and polymer wires to provide effective fencing for animal rearing
  • Sea Lion protection nets – A product to save the fish in aquaculture from Sea Lions

1998 - 2002
  • Sapphire Braided nettings – This product heralded the arrival of the organization in the premium league of synthetic cordage producers
  • Olivene MK3 nettings – A mid range compact netting for specific segments.
  • Fully assembled Purse Seine net – A step towards forward integration synergizing the application and product knowledge of the organisation
Square mesh cod ends – Addressing the social needs of protecting the juvenile fish for sustainable fishing
  • High end Sports nets (batting / golf cages)
  • Geonets (mulchmats) – These further reinforced the organisation’s position in this segment
Milestones Olivene MK2 nettings (entry into compact braided nettings) – a technology transfer from a UK company, this heralded the organization's entry into the premium netting segment

1993 - 1997
  • Garfil Maxiflex Ropes – A new age rope bettering the properties of Nylon ropes and at the same time cost effective. A great boon for the towing industry.
  • Geonets & Geoboxes – A new concept for Indian Geosynthetic industry
Nylon Multifilament nettings. Various resins developed – The resins ensured proper application focused support
  • PE braided nettings for Global market.
  • Sports nets & Fabricated nets for non-fishing applications
PE twisted nettings for Indian and global Market – a game changer in the Indian fishing industry, the fisherfolk got high quality nettings Milestones